Who Is GRAUX ?

Sébastien Graux - known as GRAUX - is a young singer, guitarist & producer originally from Belgium.

Before all, he is a live performer but started selling guitar loops productions online in June 2020. That immediately put the spotlight on his craft and he started working with renowned producers from all around the world.

In his first year of doing placements, he showed his impressive versatility and ability to create catchy melodies in every musical styles earning 2 Platinum records and 1 Gold single with +122.000.000 streams on YouTube and Spotify alone.


In 2021, he has worked with artists like Booba, Soprano, SCH, Farruko, Blxst, Duki, Rels B, Ninho, Soprano, Senidah & more. Full playlist: https://sptfy.com/graux-guitars

As an artist, he is inspired by legends like Elvis Presley, Jimi Hendrix and Bad Bunny. His unique sonic style is defined “The New Rock’n’Roll” bringing his rock touch into modern urban sounds like trap and reggaeton.

You can listen to his latest track "LFAP" for a refreshing surf ride on a dark trap beat topped with crooning french lyrics.


Website, Socials & More: https://linktr.ee/sebastiengrrr
Website: https://grauxguitarloops.com
Instagram: https://instagram.com/sebastiengrrr
YouTube: https://youtube.com/sebastiengrrr
Spotify / Apple Music: @GRAUX   

Got more question ? Send me a private message on Instagram @sebastiengrrr