1 Custom Loop

1 Custom Loop

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Welcome to the custom loops shop !

*When buying custom loops, you will receive:

  • Master tracks (.wav / .mp3)
  • Dry Stems (.wav) - no effects
  • Wet Stems (.wav) - with effects
  • MIDI bass & chords files
  • BPM & KEY information
  • 100% royalty-free
  • Must credit "GRAUX"

To confirm your order and schedule your delivery, please follow these steps:

STEP 1 : purchase this product ⚠️ multiply this product to match the number of custom loops you are ordering. Ex: if you want 3 custom loops, add this product 3 times to your cart.

STEP 2 : send purchase confirmation screenshot to my Whatsapp / iMessage +32 492 73 88 33 

STEP 3 : send Spotify / YouTube links for reference to create your custom loop. ⚠️ the number of times you purchased this product must be the same as the number of loops you are ordering.

STEP 4 : when confirmed, I will start working to deliver your custom loop under 7 days. You should receive video previews of the process while making the loop.

STEP 5 : when you accepted the product(s), receive your Google Drive link(s) containing your digital files* and download your loop🏆

This is a non-exclusive product. Please, reach out if you want to discuss exclusivity.

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