Discover the power of sharing your passion for music through captivating testimonial videos! Show the world your talent and experience with Graux's guitar loops.

You can create an authentic connection with our community and inspire others   to join the #GrauxGang.

Express yourself, share your creativity, and demonstrate how Guitar Loops by Graux have transformed your music. Join us now to create incredible videos and be financially rewarded for your craft and dedication! 

 Bucky 808 @buckyganggg, Brussels (Belgium) 


Here's a pattern you can follow if needed: 

0.    Make sure to leave a review and comment on the product page. 5 stars are always appreciated


1.    Start by introducing yourself, give your role as a music creator (music producer, composer, songwriter, or artist), the city you’re from and which product you’re gonna showcase (name of the pack or VIP Library).


2.    Explain how you discovered Graux's guitar loops and what attracted you to this product.


3.    Showcase the product by creating a beat or song with it from start to finish by recording your screen and filming yourself during the process.  


4.    Discuss the features of the guitar loops you appreciate (sound quality, variety, ease of use, etc). Share your experience using the loops in your music production process, highlighting their impact on your beats and songs. And express your overall impression of the product and its value for fellow music producers, songwriters, and artists.


5.    Encourage others to try the product and explain why you believe it's worth it.


6.    End with a call to action, directing viewers to your website or social media pages where they can learn more about your music and your use of Guitar Loops by Graux.


If you're not comfortable talking on camera, you can just film yourself cooking. If you decide to speak, we'll get in touch with you directly to give you some guidelines.

To be featured on the website, please send final video as .mp4 (dropbox or google drive) to collab@sebastiengraux.be

Object should be "Video + Your name + The product + Instagram username"

Your video needs to be filmed with a clean background showing your home studio set up, to be well lit and your sound is recorded in high quality. 

Don't forget your an Ambassador and can publish your videos to your social media to earn money.

Good luck! #GrauxGang


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