General Terms (Full)

GRAUX - Terms & Conditions (2022)

By downloading / recording to original material composed or produced by GRAUX* you agree to the general terms & conditions available at


Sébastien Graux (Artist) Whatsapp: +32 492 73 88 33 Email:

Kristoffer Winkler (Manager) Whatsapp: +45 23 67 37 68 Email:

Please read this document carefully to avoid any problems for your release.

PRO, Publisher & Credits
Sébastien Graux (artist, producer, composer, songwriter, musician)Performing Rights Organization: SABAM (Belgium, Europe)
IPI code:
006 799 160 85
Publisher: Sébastien Graux (self-published)Composer / Songwriter Credit: Sébastien Graux Producer Credit: GRAUX

When purchasing a license from Sébastien Graux you are allowed to use it for the following: 1. Releases

“Minor Release” definition: Artist(s) not signed nor releasing via a major label and/or no single/album

exceeding 1.000.000 streams across platforms.

A Minor Release is a 100% Royalty Free License. In case a release original qualifying as a Minor Release exceeds 1.000.000 streams across platforms Sébastien Graux is entitled to both 5% PPD on the master, 25% Publishing on the song and Sound Exchange income.

“Major Release” definition: Artist(s) with a major label** and/or artist having a single/album exceeding

1.000.000 streams across platforms.

With a Major Label Release License you need to clear the use of material released with Sébastien Graux. You must reach out prior to the release to the below info. If fail to comply with clearing before release Sébastien is entitled to 5% PPD on the master and 25% Publishing on the full song and Sound Exchange income.

2. Credit
For any type of release (major or minor) embodiyng material by GRAUX, you must add credit


You must register “GRAUX” (producer) and “Sébastien Graux” (composer/songwriter) in the track

metadata. This must reflect correctly on all DSP’s including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Genius etc. Sébastien Graux must also be credited in on the liner notes of any physical copies of the single/album.

3. Beat Leases

You are authorized to personally lease beats embodying material by GRAUX royalty free through online platforms such as Beatstars and Youtube. Any exclusive sales of beats and or music embodying material from Graux shall be subject to the release clauses in these terms.

You must credit “Guitars by GRAUX” or “Produced by GRAUX” or “Composed by Sébastien Graux” in all descriptions of beatleases. Where possible you must add link to GRAUX’s instagram: http://

4. Loops

You are not allowed to resell Material and loops purchased from or made by Sébastien Graux as standalone sounds, sound effects or loops, or to create new samples with the material or compete with Sébastien Graux without clearance. Furthermore, you are not allowed to transfer, broadcast, stream, redistribute or use Material except as an integrated part of a greater music production.

5. Synchronization
All use of Material in synchronization will need to be cleared with Sébastien Graux.
For avoidance of doubt Sébastien Graux is still the sole owner of the composition and recording.
7. Others
All other use not mentioned in these Terms & Conditions are subject to be cleared by Sébastien Graux.


Faillure to comply with those conditions will result in additional fees and legal actions may be taken. For any further information/questions please email:

* Those Genaral Terms apply if you use any composition / instrumental / loop by Sébastien Graux or any audio material created using derivatives of the original file. Any files not bought online from the official platforms &, or might be subjected to different conditions.

** The term ”Major Label” includes but is not limited to Universal, Sony, Warner and any of their sub-labels and bigger indiependent labels including but not limited to Empire, 300, Pulse, Human Resources etc.